1. hello i am julian and i like your shop…

    this is part of a series i am working on right now, just posted this preview to add to the controversy:

    facebook discussion on that topic.

    one more pic to proof that i did not just photoshop that card:

    2 months ago

  2. caretaker


    caretaker creates a perfect world for a simple organism, in this case a tamagotchi v2 by bandai from 1997. the tamagotchi is connected to a small computer that  takes care of all its needs.

    1 year ago

  3. TV MK I

    the work tv mk I reflects on the monodirectional charakter in the mass medium tv.

    1 year ago

  4. surface texture error

    my work, “surface texture error”, an attempt to bring a common error in computer games to real life as seen in the exhibition "celeste im berg" at die baeckerei in innsbruck, austria

    2 years ago

  5. ctrl alt del

    ctrl alt del

    ctrl alt del is a collage made from pictures of the 500 top brands in 2011.

    2 years ago

  6. glitch

    just some glitchy sound reactive visuals made with a quartz composer patch i created, you can download the patch from here.

    3 years ago